Here is part 2 from my personal project series with the fabulous Leah. She is one half of the dynamic duo of The Life You Love Photography. But more importantly, she is just an overall awesome person.

Since I have started this project it has grown and matured with a more distinct direction. Still the same concept, but with a focus on what lies underneath the masks that we wear. Kind of like a mullet, business in the front, party in the back but more along the happiness on the masks that we wear and possibly, the sadness underneath. Ok maybe not a good analogy but I hope you guys get my drift. Since this project deals with some personal feelings, I am blessed that they have let me into their lives to document something that I have been wanting to explore more with my work.

A huge thank you to my buddy Jim for giving me the push to start working on personal projects and for the productive talks/arguments about work/art/creativity/life/the color of grass etc. every time I am back in Houston. You have always been the talented one. Even though you will probably not hear that in person.

Contax 645, Pentax 67, Leica M6 (35mm BW dev at home) & Polaroid 195

Music Credit iTunes: Rachael Yamagata – Duet

Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0001 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0002 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0003 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0004 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0005 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0006 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0007 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0008 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0009 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0010 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0011 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0012 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0013 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0014 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0015 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0016 Personal-Project-Pt2-Leah-0017

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