I first met Whitney & Alex at a wedding we worked on together. They are the awesome folks behind Sculpting with Time Productions. I was honored that they wanted me to shoot their engagement photos. It really means a lot when you get the opportunity to work with people in the industry.

We had a great time shooting their engagement session out in Cat Spring at Blisswood Bed & Breakfast. A perfect afternoon spent with some great new friends.

This session was shot on digital & medium format film.

Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-001 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-002 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-003 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-004 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-005 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-006 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-007 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-008 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-009 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-010 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-011 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-012 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-013 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-014 Blisswood-engagement-whitney-alex-015

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