A King River Ranch engagement session with Jordan and Chase. It was great to finally meet J & C and their pup who was loving the session. Also, highly recommend the good folks out at King River Ranch which is a beautiful venue right on the banks of the Pedernales River. Jordan & Chase, I know it took us a while to find a date but man, what a beautiful Texas evening we ended up with!

King-River-Ranch-Engagement-001 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-002 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-003 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-004 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-005 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-006 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-007 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-008 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-009 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-010 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-011 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-012 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-013 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-014 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-015 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-016 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-017 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-018 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-019 King-River-Ranch-Engagement-020


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