The Parish Austin wedding with Caitlin & Zack. Wow…what an amazing day. That is really all I can say about these two and their celebration that was absolutely perfect. Due to the rain we had to go with Plan B the ‘Rain Plan’ and I am SO glad that we did because we came up with some amazing ceremony images.

These two met on the last day of ACL a few years back and it was so fitting to have their wedding at a rock venue. Totally different but so relevant to them and that is what made it perfect.

Their cake was from the Milk Bar NYC (still don’t know how it got to Austin in one piece), East Side King for dinner and an amazing band, All My Friends to get the party started.

What an incredible day with two extraordinary people. Congrats Caitlin & Zack!

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Wedding Team

Venue – The Parish

Coordinator – Modern Moments

Ceremony Music – Terra Vista Strings

Caterer – East Side King

Cake – Milk Bar NYC

DJ – DJ Gatsby

Band – All My Friends

2nd Shooter – Lauren Slusher

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