Here is Reyna and Jae’s wedding at the Lakeway Resort here in Austin. From the first time that we met Reyna and her mother, we knew we were going to get along just fine. One of my favorite foods to eat is a filipino dish called adobo and Reyna’s mom agreed to provide us some chicken adobo as part of the agreement. SCORE! Sorry Jae, Chicken adobo > beef adobo. The day was filled with moments that  just simply pulled at our heart strings. It was awesome to be able to witness their big day except when it caused Jen to start tearing up and my eyes to sweat.

Jae, I think that Reyna’s father had a message for you. Several, long messages to be exact 😉 I think it just shows you how strong a father’s love is for his daughter. Hopefully I get to experience the same one day.

BTW Jae got moves like Jagger.

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