I realized that I had not shot any personal work in a long, long time. I have been so busy that I had forgotten what it had felt like to work on something for myself. I felt the need to start working on personal projects again to continue to grow as a creative and personally.

This project is going to be a series of melancholy songs. I work with amazing couples in love on a weekly basis so I wanted to go in a completely opposite direction for my own personal project. The context of this project is to explore the different elements of sadness, sorrow and grief. The first song that I used as a reference point was Nancy Sinatra’s – Bang Bang.

I chose to use medium format film cameras, Contax 645 & Pentax 67 as well as a Polaroid Land camera for this project.

I also want to thank Julie who is an amazing photographer that helped me out with this project. She found the perfect wardrobe for the theme of the shoot and worked it like a boss in front of the camera. You can see her beautiful work here.

So it begins, the first of hopefully many more personal projects to come.

music credit iTunes: Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

Project-Sinatra-001 Project-Sinatra-002 Project-Sinatra-003 Project-Sinatra-004 Project-Sinatra-005 Project-Sinatra-006 Project-Sinatra-007 Project-Sinatra-008 Project-Sinatra-009 Project-Sinatra-010 Project-Sinatra-011 Project-Sinatra-012 Project-Sinatra-013 Project-Sinatra-014 Project-Sinatra-015 Project-Sinatra-016 Project-Sinatra-017 Project-Sinatra-018 Project-Sinatra-019 Project-Sinatra-020 Project-Sinatra-021 Project-Sinatra-022

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