So I have had more time recently to continue my personal project series. Here are some frames that Jamie and I created. I think it is pretty cool to meet creatives through social media. People, friends, that I would have probably never met without the broad reach. I love being able to meet like minded people and collaborate on projects together and this is just another example of making connections. Jamie, so glad you were able to make the trip down to Austin and work together on this project with me.

Music Credit iTunes – Marketa Irglova – This Right Here

Tech Info – Leica M6 – TriX- 400 / Pentax 645n – Portra 400 / Pentax 67 – Portra 160 + 1 / Polaroid Land – FP300b (BW self dev/scan) (Color Photovision dev/scan)

-Personal-Project-Jamie-001 -Personal-Project-Jamie-002 -Personal-Project-Jamie-003 -Personal-Project-Jamie-004 -Personal-Project-Jamie-005 -Personal-Project-Jamie-006 -Personal-Project-Jamie-007 -Personal-Project-Jamie-008 -Personal-Project-Jamie-009 -Personal-Project-Jamie-010 -Personal-Project-Jamie-011 -Personal-Project-Jamie-012 -Personal-Project-Jamie-013 -Personal-Project-Jamie-014 -Personal-Project-Jamie-015 -Personal-Project-Jamie-016 -Personal-Project-Jamie-017 -Personal-Project-Jamie-018 -Personal-Project-Jamie-019 -Personal-Project-Jamie-020 -Personal-Project-Jamie-021

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