We recently celebrated our son’s first birthday party and it was an amazing event. Jen really made this entire party come to life with the help of Jackie and Jung Hee. The first birthday is a pretty big event in Korean tradition and it is called Dol. Dol Jabi is the tradition that involves placing several items in front of him and whatever he ends up choosing represents what he is to become. These items included yarn – long life, stethoscope – Doctor, golf ball – sports, microphone – the arts, pencils – scholar and money – wealth. He ended up choosing the golf ball after keeping us in suspense for a little bit. I’m thinking future NFL star but hey, I’m not going to groom or anything 😉

As the Holidays approach, this is a perfect reminder of the things that are most important in our lives, family and friends. The little guy has changed our life for the better in so many ways. Everyday he learns something new, we learn or get reminded something in return. We also know that several of our bride’s are expecting their first child as well! We are so excited for you guys and get ready to experience the most amazing time in your life.

A very special thank you to our friends and family for making Maddox’s first birthday a blast. Maddox also wanted to give a shout out to all his lil’ homies for hanging out.

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